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NEW Read our latest report – Overcoming Payment Anxiety in EV Charging

NEW Read our latest report – Overcoming Payment Anxiety in EV Charging

Payment Services

A comprehensive payment solutions suite, encompassing mobile applications, online platforms, various post-pay and remote solutions and alternative payment methods (e.g., virtual terminals, text-to-pay, wallet and QR codes), standalone contactless payment, and 'one to many' contactless setups.

Working closely with our payment acquiring partners allows us to optimise our clients’ costs by understanding and working around the industry rules and guidelines.

Split settlement enables businesses to handle complex transaction and settlement processes more simply and flexibly.

Paythru is compliant with essential security and environmental standards like PCI, ISO, and ESG, ensuring the safety and integrity of transactions and our commitment to sustainability.

Our rapid customer onboarding process allows businesses to start accepting payments quickly and efficiently.

We provide a single back-office system for streamlined settlement, making it easier for businesses to manage their payments.

To protect revenue, we provide incremental pre-authorisation and fraud monitoring options.

Our optimised tokenization (card storage) ensures faster checkouts for greater convenience while minimising the risk of fraud.

Paythru supports energy tariff optimisation, enabling dynamic pricing for energy usage, helping businesses and consumers make informed decisions about their energy costs.

Our contactless solutions are designed to mitigate the costs and optimise transaction rates whilst conforming to UK and EU regulations.

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