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eDynamix –
Automotive Dealership solutions

eDynamix is the leading provider of Automotive Software for the Digital Dealership. In the Autumn of 2019, the company reviewed the market for a partner to help develop digital payment solutions for its dealer client networks. The transaction scenarios ranged from car purchase to service plans.

Paythru solution

Using Paythru APIs, the eDynamix and Paythru technical teams were able to integrate and customise several customer journeys whilst managing and minimising compliance requirements.


The solution was launched in November 2020 to great acclaim from eDynamix’ clients. [Need some metrics here] Roll out will commence in early 2021.

Looking ahead

The fundamental changes in consumer behaviour wrought by COVID in 2020 are creating permanent shifts to digital sales and marketing, a trend that eDynamix is now well-placed to embrace.

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