A New Angle in a Growth Market

Little British Battler Day


Following Paythru's recent participation at the TechMarketView Little British Battler Day, Peter Roe talks about "a new angle in a growth market"…

"As mobile systems drive more and more retail transactions, we are pleased to welcome Paythru to the LBB programme. Paythru brings a new approach to mobile commerce. Many companies focus purely on the final payment as money changes hands, but Paythru engages much earlier in the transaction, providing targeted marketing messages delivered in the context of the consumer’s location, previous activity and personal preferences. The payments component of the solution then enables the retailer to track offer redemption accurately and thereby to monitor the success of offers and micro-segmentation strategies, driving significantly higher rates of completed transactions.

Through its “Ignite” mobile commerce enablement platform, Paythru targets larger retailers and owners of sites with multiple stores, such as shopping malls and sports venues. It also offers mobile commerce systems to restaurants (Jamie Oliver) and Pubs (via the Orderella app) and has recently won The Payments Awards prize for “Best in-store payments solution” for its system in the Mudo chain in Turkey.

Paythru has set itself some aggressive revenue targets and looks to reach break-even in 2014. The company is already talking to some big UK High St. names and we expect to hear a lot about this exciting company over the next few months."

Source: UKHotViews