Launch of bespoke tenant payment solution with Broadland


Broadland Housing is a housing association based in Norwich. Broadland is responsible for the collection of rent and other payments from their tenants. Broadland accept payments by Direct Debit, allpay swipecard, Standing Order and Debit and Credit Cards. The process of making a payment by Debit or Credit card currently is to call the Broadland call centre where a member of staff enters the card details into a physical card terminal.

Paythru have developed online card payment web pages for Broadland to allow customers to make payments using the Broadland website as well as the introduction of 'virtual terminal' web pages to allow staff members to process telephoned card payments. Broadland should benefit from reductions in staff resource utilisation where customers make card payments online, as well as automated updates to their internal systems where payments are processed using the virtual terminal.

We are hoping this new implementation will encourage clients to take ownership of their household finances whilst embracing new technology to ensure smoother, faster payments.