Paythru support Parkeon & Canterbury CC in launch of Ticketless Parking


Paythru and their global partner, Parkeon, have launched a new ticketless mobile solution which is being piloted in Canterbury.

The scheme went live on the 18th April 2016 and will run for 6 months at Pound Lane, Castle Street multi-storey, Middle Wall and William Street car parks.
This is an ingenious solution which allows drivers to choose how they want to pay for their parking, combining the use of ANPR technology with seamless and secure payment methods. Drivers have the option of paying via the Whoosh! app, an online account or via a machine when leaving the car park.
Drivers will only pay for the exact amount of parking time they use. It brings to an end the issue of people needing to hurry back to their vehicle before their ticket expires. Canterbury City Council said it will make parking more convenient for drivers, with no more pay and display so drivers can stay for as long as they like and pay for what they have used.

So how does it work?

  1. When you drive into the ticketless car park, cameras will scan and register your number plate along with your time of arrival and let you enter
  2. Before leaving the car park, simply pay using an online account, by the Whoosh! app or at the card, contactless or cash payment machine
  3. As you approach the exit barrier, a camera will check you have paid or that you have pre-registered online and the barrier will automatically open.

We are very excited about the launch of this new technology and future roll out plans.