New way to donate to the Poppy Appeal


Thyngs and The Royal British Legion have launched the latest payment technology to make it easier to donate to the Poppy Appeal.

Paythru have partnered with Thyngs, a platform that connects physical objects with mobile experiences. There is huge versatility in enhancing existing physical objects, anything can become a “thyng”, all you need is to put a sticker on it (with unique ID, QR code, NFC tag). Take Charities for example. Simply add a “thyng” Stycker to a collection tin, product packaging, standees; tap or scan, enter a few details and make a donation in less than a minute. This provides more opportunities for Charities to collect donations digitally, which is great as there is an increase in people not carrying cash and usually digital donations are larger than cash donations. Gift Aid donations, no problem, you can collect this at the same time all via the payment pages that Paythru are hosting.

Thyngs have teamed up with the The Royal British Legion to make it easier to donate to the Poppy Appeal. Thyngs styckers are featured on tins and Poppy Appeal trays and users are instantly directed to a dedicated mobile donation page hosted by Paythru (using Worldpay as acquirer), which also allows The Royal British Legion to easily collect gift aid, making sure they get the most from each transaction. Furthermore, the unique implementation takes full advantage of contact book form-fill and card image scan capabilities on smartphones, and supports automatic form-fill for repeat transactions, making the service as fast as possible for on-the-go donations.

Thyngs is working with a number of charities planning to roll-out the service and is expanding its service offering into the events/venues and retail sectors.