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Paythru has been working with V12 Retail Finance, the retail finance division of Secure Trust Bank, since 2016. The organisation requires an effective SMS based solution to reach out to customers in arrears and allow them to make affordable repayments in a simple and secure manner.

Paythru solution

V12 has been using the Paythru software-as-a-service collection solution for 4 years, with increasingly effective results based on campaign analysis and refinement of messaging and timing.

Recognising the COVID crisis and the rise in gig economy work and irregular incomes, V12 wanted to offer customers more payment flexibility. Accordingly, Paythru worked with V12 to launch an enhancement to the Scheduled Payment solution in Q4 2020.


Since going live, the Paythru solution for V12 has collected over £19m. Response rates have consistently improved over time.

Looking ahead

Due to the deferment and time-to-pay regimes implemented during the COVID pandemic, 2021 will see a significant increase in collections activity. Flexible, personalised collections that empower customers to make payments in an affordable and structured manner will be key.

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