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Customer first. Technology second.

Paythru helps people manage payments and transactions, while reducing the pain-points and friction that typically surround them.

We are experts in the world of payments and technology, but first and foremost, we’re specialists in customer experience. We know by harnessing the most digitally innovative software technology we can offer customers the most simple and effective transaction experiences.

Paythru sees every transaction experience through your customers’ eyes.

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“Paythru’s App and payment system will see our CityEV Opencard solution used by over 1000 EV charge points by early 2022.”

CityEV | Paythru solution: EV charging App

“With Paythru’s parking and EV charging platform, we can develop digital solutions to service the shift towards electrified fleets.”

Infinium Logistics Solutions | Paythru solutions: digital parking management and EV charging Apps

“Paythru mobility solutions have helped to win contracts to manage over 10,000 charge points over the next 3 years.”

Innogy eMobility | Paythru solution: support for EV charging tenders
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