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Flowbird is a global leader in mobility. Paythru has worked with them since 2012 (then Parkeon) providing digital solutions for a wide range of parking and mobility requirements with UK and EU clients.

Paythru solution

Paythru managed the integration of Flowbird’s hardware and software solutions to deliver Minipark, which was successfully implemented in 2016. In 2018, Angus Council used the Minipark product to support their move to a completely new on-street, off-street, and digital parking solution incorporating permits, ticketless parking, and end-user accounts.


Paythru has successfully implemented solutions in over 48 sites, mainly in the public sector, processing over 70,000 transactions and events.

Looking ahead

To reflect the growth in electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed in current parking environments, Paythru will be launching a Park & Charge App early in 2021.


Paythru solution:
support for EV charging tenders

Paythru solution:
digital parking management and EV charging apps

Paythru solution:
EV charging app

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